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The Lowland Brothers dig deep in the memory of pop music and collaborate with artists that go beyond borders …

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Jaqee and The Lowland Brothers collaborated on the track “Another man's life”.

Jaqee describes herself as a "musical chameleon", having no single musical style. Born in Uganda, she moved to Sweden and now lives and works in Berlin. She released her latest album “Fly High” on Rootdown Records in 2017.

Mark Gritsenko

Mark Gritsenko and The Lowland Brothers collaborated on the track “Smile”.

Mark Gritsenko is a singer-songwriter and music producer best known as a leader of the rock band Marakesh and a graduated vocalist from the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety Arts, Ukraine.

Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell and The Lowland Brothers collaborated on the Track "Travelling".

A diverse and challenging writer with a unique voice, his live performances range from whispering intensity to a white knuckle, edge of your seat, ear splittingly glorious racket.

Rosie Bans

Rosie Bans and The Lowland Brothers collaborated on the Track "Take this moment".

Rosie Bans is a fierce Glaswegian independent artist. Musically educated at The Ian Tomlin School of Music, Edinburgh, her compositions stitch soulful elements together with jazz, pop, rock and punk. In 2016 she has released her debut-album „Identify Yourself“. Rosie Bans is using music to get one simple message across: be bold enough to be yourself.


Otu Suurmunne and The Lowland Brothers collaborated on the Track „The Queen of Ontario“.

Otu is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Finland who has worked with industry professionals including Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Lordi, Ensiferum, Sentenced) and Hardstyle artist Concept Art.

He sings and plays guitar in the rock band „Kaiser“, which was signed and toured the US & Europe, playing with bands such as John Garcia from Kyuss, Red Fang, Orange Goblin and Toner Low.


Kai Reuter

Kai Reuter has co-composed, produced and arranged the tracks „Another man's life“, „Smile“ and „Traveling“.

Multi-instrumentalist Kai Reuter is an experienced music producer, arranger and session musician.

His credits include work for Viva, Fair Warning, Jane, Jutta Weinhold Band, Herman van Boeyen's Vitesse and Ueberschall Sample Service, among others.



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